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"I love the Essentia™ Shield. I Have an active lifestyle and thongs have always been uncomfortable and often result in chafing. The Essentia™ Shield addressed the discomfort and left me feeling more secure and confident. I’m sold and will definitely use the Essentia™ Shield shield!"

Amy M.

"The Essentia™ Shield is an amazing product!! I wore it with a thong during yoga and it made such a difference during my workout. It stayed in place all day and I was more comfortable, more dry and there was no irritation thanks to the organic cotton, earth friendly materials. Thank you for this awesome product. It’s about time someone made a product that actually works for women’s bodies. I love it and I can't wait to get more."

Mina P.

"I tried Essentia™ Shield recently. I wore it to the gym and have to say it felt much more comfortable than wearing just a thong itself. It isn’t irritating and you can’t even feel it there. It is easy to apply to your thong and remove. I liked this product because it was successful at keeping my thong in place."

Talia K.

"With my job consisting of mostly outdoor activity, I find myself sweaty all day. With changing Out of my work clothes and changing into work out clothes, I want to feel clean in the area we all know needs to stay clean. The Essentia™ Shield has been a perfect addition to my day. I believe this product is needed for women who are active, and live busy lives. It stays in one place and I don’t even realize it is there. But what I do know is that I feel clean by the end of my day, and that is a wonderful feeling."

Brooke S.

"I am a part time student and a full time model. I travel often for my job and am so impressed with how comfortable Essentia™ Shield has been since day one. I am constantly on the go and working out often, and this product has me feeling extra confident – so grateful I found something like this!"

Maggie G.

"Essentia™ shield is such a fantastic idea and such a simple solution. Although I always jump at the chance to wear briefs instead of a thong due to the skin irritation and risk of infections, most days it is unavoidable. With Essentia Shield I didn’t have to worry. It was so functional, comfortable, and undetectable. It's a great product that I would definitely recommend."

Andi T.

"As someone who works out in tight pants on a daily basis, I have to say I have never felt more comfortable wearing my thongs thanks to the Essentia™ Shield. No uncomfortable rubbing near my delicate parts thanks to the added support to my underwear from the shield. Added bonus, no camel toe! I will be wearing Essentia™ Shield again to experience comfort and avoid any irritation."

Emily C.

"I have shied away from wearing thongs due to lack on comfort and hygienic reasons. After trying Essentia™ Shield, I will definitely be wearing more of it. It’s especially comfortable during workout and I love that my underwear line no longer shows through my yoga pants."

Huong N.

"This is a remarkable idea! I am not a huge fan of thongs, but I like panty lines even less. This made wearing a thong so much more comfortable. I would definitely buy this product or better yet, buy underwear that built it in! I do hope to see this widely available, soon!"

Gia K.

"What an amazing product, first of its kind!!! What an ingenious idea to create a product that helps us women who wear thongs daily. Essentia™ Shield added support to my thong, helped combat my moisture levels (workout), and I never had to worry about the dreaded camel toe!! Plus I never felt it throughout the entire day. I can’t believe we don’t already have a product like this already on the shelves. In no way does it compare to a pad made for a thong. This product goes way beyond that. This product would improve women’s lives immensely by giving us that added comfort, protection, and security. It's the kind of product you didn’t know you needed until you tried it, now you can’t live without it. It is a brilliant idea and I can’t wait to buy a box."

Genesee T.

"I wore Essentia™ Shield to a Vinyasa (power) hot yoga class. I found the product to be extremely effective! This product is the future! A perfect way for active females to have a sanitary and safe way to workout and/or eliminate panty lines if going out. I’m eager to see how popular this product will become, and what the official Essentia™ Shield will be like. I will highly recommend this product to my friends and colleagues!"

Averey W.

"I wanted to share my experience with Essentia™ Shield a new and exciting woman’s well-being technology I have tested for Elena Zaltsberg. Any woman wants to appear alluring and sexy wears thong underwear almost exclusively. I am not an exception… But at the end of a day the only thing I could think of is to take the thongs off as soon as possible. To say that everything “down there” is hurt, burned and irritated is an understatement. Every remedy I have tried to eliminate burning, constant irritation and discomfort produced no relief. Exhausted from constant pain and discomfort, and unable to find any product to help me, I have seriously considered not wearing thongs and t-strings altogether. But one memorable day Elena asked me to try a new product designed to address this very issue. Miraculously, after wearing my favorite t-strings with the product provided by Elena, I felt absolutely comfortable with no hint of pain, discomfort, rubbing and burning. I have even used the product during my usual yoga classes and for the first time felt completely comfortable and pain free. Needless to say, I am thrilled about this technology. I can’t wait to have the product on the store shelves!"

Irina M.

"I was a little hesitant to try Essentia™ Shield at first… but, I’m so glad I did! I’ve never seen anything like it and I loved wearing it!! I decided to wear the Essentia™ Shield for an afternoon workout. I usually wear “granny panties” to work out in; due to all the squats, lifting weights and lunges we do in class. I once wore a thong to class …worst decision I’ve ever made… I learned the hard way! As a woman, I like to look good and feel good while I’m doing something good for my body… I hate wearing the “granny panties” for workouts as they are not flattering and leave panty lines. With Essentia™ Shield, I was able to wear a thong to my workout class… and I was pleasantly surprised to find it VERY comfortable!! I never thought I’d be able to wear a thong again to work out in but the Essentia™ Shield allowed me to move and lift weights comfortably without the discomfort and abrasions I would have experienced without it! Essentia™ Shield stayed in place while I moved and I essentially forgot I was wearing it! I am VERY pleased that I was able to wear workout leggings without the dreaded camel toe, discomfort, or ugly “granny panties”. I believe the Essentia™ Shield would be a staple to have in a woman’s daily repertoire. Thank you!"

Rebecca P.

"HUGE fan of Essentia™ Shield!! I got a few samples from Elena and put them to a true test…I had been training for Camp Gladiator games doing obstacles and burpees and throwing around sand bags in the 100 degree Texas heat this summer and Elena told me to try the shield in my next work out. AMAZING! Incredible support, never felt it, forgot it was on and NO pain or soreness afterwards. Wearing Nike spandex shorts and a thong was not the most comfortable when squatting, jumping and sweating. Wearing the Essentia™ Shield totally protected my girly parts and I didn’t feel like I was wearing dental floss that cut or made me sore the next day. I am 47 years old and very active…now a fan for life and can’t wait until these are for sale. I will buy a supply for life and give them as gifts to all of my girlfriends. Brilliant invention and bless your brain for thinking of it and sharing it with the world!"

Patty R."

For a long time I have wished to find the perfect panty shield and now Essentia™ is here to meet those needs. It really surpassed my expectations in comfort and design, I highly recommend it."

Zulay C.

Love this product! I am a bike rider and the Essentia™ Shield provides great comfort and protection.

Tricia G.

"I really love this product. I was impressed by how comfortable it is, and that it stays in place while exercising. I’ve always had problems wearing most types of leggings, yoga pants, or other clothes that are tight-fitting in that area, because my particular anatomy shows through noticeably. The Essentia™ Shield eliminates this problem due to its shape and structure. I also appreciate that it counteracts potential health risks of wearing thongs – it’s such a great improvement, and I’m so excited for this product to become available to buy."

Andrea C.

"I wear a thong almost every day and thought they were comfortable, but after trying Essentia™ Shield I realize how much better it could be! It even made spin class better!! I wore Essentia™ Shield all day including the gym and was blown away at how comfortable it was. I can’t believe it has taken so long to improve the thong. I will be telling all my girlfriends about it!"

Emily W.

"Essentia™ Shield has given a new life to some of my old t-back underwear that I was no longer wearing due to discomfort. This is great for any woman who wants to wear a t-back without having the “wedgie” feeling. Easy to use, I am ready to purchase more."

Candace B.

"I wore the essentia shield to the grocery store and then to work out. It eliminated the need to wear a thong under my leggings, which is fantastic, since even the most comfortable thong brands are not as comfortable as wearing no thong at all! It stayed in place and was very comfortable. I’ll definitely be interested when it hits the market!"

Molly R.

"Fabulous! Thank you for having the vision to create a product that improves the comfort and well being of women. It stayed in place, and was virtually undetectable all day through work and exercise."

Devonne W.

"I must say I am very impressed with this product, especially when wearing jeans or athletic type pants. It is very comfortable and stays in place without bunching, even when working out/ running. The cotton material is soft, breathable and healthy. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try Essentia™ Shield! I HIGHLY recommend this product and cannot wait to purchase when available to the public!"

Krista R.

"Thank you for having me try Essentia™ Shield. I have worn it for a few days now and found that it doesn’t move after teaching several dance and fitness classes. It also helps with avoiding camel toe in tight fitting leggings. I found it very comfortable, much more so than a panty liner, and I love the idea of it being 100% cotton and all natural! I can't wait to see them in stores. I would wear them daily and highly recommend them to all my friends and clients!"

Shannon B.

"I wore Essentia™ Shield while I ran errands and worked out in yoga pants. It is so comfortable you will forget you’re even wearing It! I ran, did plyos and weights and never felt it. It kept my thong in place, didn’t rub, irritate or bunch up. The adhesive held it in place all day. the best part for me was that it gave me no camel toe. I would definitely recommend this product, it’s great!"

Stefanie T.

"I‘m a Zumba instructor and tried Essentia™ Shield. It was comfortable and safe during my routine/work-out (and I consider myself an intense instructor). I loved the material (cotton) and that I can use it without worrying about vaginal infections. I have polyester underwear and I was about to get rid of them, but now with Essentia™ Shield, I do not have to. I will definitely recommend. Love the product! Thank you for being concerned about women’s health"

Ardena C.

"Thank you for the opportunity to try Essentia™ Shield! I have a long commute and found that even after driving in traffic for 45 minutes, then walking through busy downtown streets, I was comfortable and my thong hadn’t moved – I hadn’t realized how uncomfortable I was before trying Essentia™ Shield. In addition to daily wear, I also found it comfortable to wear during exercise. I was able to run in it without experiencing the usual panty-movement or shifting, and I didn’t even notice it was there. Thank you for a wonderful product!"

Sarah P.

"I lead a very active lifestyle and like to look my best. I was impressed how the Essentia™ Shield kept me comfortable and there were no panty lines. I felt great and confident. What a Great product!"

Ashlyn B.

"I am very impressed with this product! I am a full time student with a part time job and I am always on my feet and I keep very busy. The last thing I want to worry about is my thong and I love that this product makes wearing them much more comfortable. I barely even notice it’s there anymore because there isn’t anymore bunching. Thank you so much for letting me try this product!"

Jackie P.

"I Loved the Essentia™ Shield. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try it. The shield was very comfortable to wear and especially to work out in. I am definitely a fan and would definitely buy this product when it is available. Thanks again."


"I wore the Essentia™ Shield yesterday with my thong and yoga pants and I have to say it made wearing my thong more comfortable. To me, I think what the shield does, is to ensure that the thong is situated on the labia properly. Instead of the thong bunching up, the shield ensures that the thong lays flat against the genitalia as it should allowing the area to be supported and breathe. I think this is a good product. I feel as though it should be a part of the underwear as well as something that you can wear separately and attach to a thong. It’s something women needed."


"As a finance professional I wear trousers to work almost every day. In order to avoid visible panty lines I wear a thong nearly every day of the week. Essentia™ Shield is a wonderful product for someone like me who wears thongs on a regular basis. Currently there are no other products on the market that provide for comfort while wearing thong underwear. Essentia™ Shield is comfortable, easy to use and acts as protection for my underwear from normal discharge. I would be happy to purchase it once it is available to the public!"


"I used Essentia™ Shield today and I have to say that I was surprised at how I completely forgot I was wearing it. I was a little hesitant about trying Essentia™ Shield, but this product is so much more comfortable to wear and it did exactly the job I wanted it to do. I decided I would wear my workout clothes (yoga pants) today to really test out Essentia™ Shield. I ran some errands and eventually went to the gym. I literally forgot I was wearing it the entire time and I didn’t have any issue with my underwear and pants creeping up on me. I was able to maintain comfort throughout my day as well as in the gym doing weight bearing and plyometric exercises. I also never had an issue with the dreaded camel toe look yoga pants can give you when they ride up during your workout. I would definitely purchase this product and recommend it to my friends."


"Thank you for sharing your product Essentia™ Shield with me! This is a wonderful product and idea- I’m amazed no one has thought of this, but I’m glad you did! I wore this today with jeans and it was very comfortable. I forgot I had it on all day and I liked that this kept my thong in place! I look forward to being able to get more of these to wear with thongs especially with jeans and yoga pants because Essentia™ Shield made wearing a thong so much more comfortable. Thank you again for sharing Essentia™ Shield with me! I can’t wait for this to be on the shelves!"


"I can’t bear the thought of showing up to a Pilates class with visible panty lines. Thongs are usually tight fitting and tend to slide back-and-forth while I exercise. Essentia™ Shield was the perfect option for me. It’s like going commando but even better! With Essentia™ Shield there are no visible panty lines and it helps keep feminine moisture under control."


"I would definitely wear it. I would definitely recommend it. I wore it both during workout and on a social occasion. Loved that the Essentia™ was very small and felt like a part of an undergarment, rather than a pad. Loved that it had no sticky wings for adhesive purposes. The Essentia™ Shield prevented my genital part from being cut in half!"

Alla B.

"I think you have a great product! I was worried about comfort. It’s light and you honestly don’t even notice it’s there :). I would definitely wear and recommend this product!"

Melinda R.

"The Essentia™ Shield was very comfortable. I wore it in my thong with yoga pants. I wasn’t sure the exact placement with just the yoga pants so I put on my thong with it. After wearing it for 5 minutes, I didn’t even realize it was there. Thoughts: It seemed too nice to just throw away after one wear. I have terrible bladder control from kids and I felt that it offered great support."


"I did use Essentia™ and really liked it! It’s so comfortable I didn’t even know it was there! And the adhesive on the back is really good and strong so it stayed in place."

Amy R.

"I wore Essentia™ on a work day wearing trousers. It was very comfortable and effective and except for a bit of difficulty with the initial placement, I loved it! How fabulous to have a disposable panty liner with the contours of a woman’s body that makes hygiene more realistic than with wearing thong underwear. Like all great ideas, it’’s hard to believe that it hasn’’t become widely available as of yet. I will be a buyer of this product in the future."

Nancy R.

"I used the shield for a complete day and even transferred it directly into my leotard for three and a half hours of dancing. The shield was extra helpful in keeping my moisture level under control. I would highly recommend it for dancers and athletes. I look forward to trying the disposable final product."

Brooke B.

"Thank you for asking me to test your new product the “Essentia™ Shield”. I found the Essentia™ Shield quite comfortable to wear with thong style underwear. The shield kept put and left me feeling fresh. I wore it to work out in and noticed that it aided in perspiration and alleviated odor. This is a product I would definitely use."

Lisa B.

"I wore your product this week during the day in work pants and in the evening in yoga pants and loved it. It was so comfortable that I didn’t even notice it being there. I only wish I could reuse it! It would be great if it were available as a part of the underwear itself as part of the fabric."


"I wore this on a run this week and was amazed at how comfortable it was. Definitely more comfortable than wearing nothing. This is a product I would use regularly. I would like to be able to purchase in a store."

Tina S.

"I wore my workout leggings on Saturday to paint a house outdoors for 8 hours. It kept me comfortable the entire day–no pinching from my pants and fresh all day. Essentia™ is a must-have, much needed product–wish it was around sooner!"

Rachel A.

"I did try the Essentia™ shield and was pleasantly surprised! It was very comfortable and certainly prevented my underwear from riding up into my crotch, which can be very uncomfortable. I think it’s a fantastic idea. I definitely would consider using them regularly, especially with tighter pants."

Tristina V.

"A perfect product! How do you even describe such a product? There is nothing like this on the market. It is small and practical to put in your purse everywhere you go. The applicator/shield is the right size, slim and long, shaped appropriate for women’’s genitals. I love this product not only because it looks feminine and beautiful, but it feels like you are wearing nothing.

I have super sensitive skin and I even stopped wearing thongs for the fear they are bothering me too much. So, naturally, I was afraid that this shield would do the same. However, you don’t even know you are wearing it. You just have to position it right on the thong, and forget about it. I wore it a whole day, went to the park, to yoga class, running errands and was not aware of any discomfort. I would recommend this Essentia™ Shield to every woman who wants to look beautiful in her tight clothes while wearing thongs. No more skin rashes, feelings of fabric going “up there” and you trying to get it out, fidgeting because something is “stuck up-there”, and longing to go home early just to get out of these uncomfortable thongs. I hope we get to see this product in our everyday stores."

Mirjana B.

"I tried the Essentia™ liners and was very pleased with them. I did wear them with brief underwear as a panty liner. With being 7 months pregnant I wasn’t sure if they would be absorbent enough to wear without undergarments but found that they were comfortable, fit properly and stayed in place. I’ve had trouble with some of the fit of maternity pants because they bunch or ride in the crotch and cause the appearance of camel toe but I felt with Essentia™ I did not have that problem and was more comfortable and less self-conscious wearing them. They didn’t feel bulky or fit awkwardly at all. Thank you for letting me test them and I would highly recommend this product. Oh, I also liked that they weren’t heavily fragranced as well."

Rebecca K.

"I had the pleasure of trying the Essentia™ Shield this past week.  I absolutely love it! It gives you such a sense of protection and comfort while not being bulky.  In fact, I forgot it was there! I can't wait for this product to become available!"

Tricia G.

"Thank you for allowing me the exciting opportunity to test Essentia™. In addition to myself, I had a 36 year old Mother of 3 try the product but I showed it to dozens of women before trying it myself. The design is beautiful in its simplicity and the streamlined design makes it obvious it was designed by a woman with a woman's anatomy in mind. It was an exciting topic of conversation when shown and women immediately "got it". The design is exciting, intelligent and truly disruptive and I believe you should absolutely be nominated for the Nonwovens Industry Innovator of the Year Award. The design makes the product incredibly discreet and in wearing today’s body conscious clothing a product like this is Essentia™!  When bending over in yoga pants this product is supremely comfortable and invisible. This design should eventually make all other basic types of liners obsolete because there is always an issue with the bunching up of regular liners. It's a major design flaw that the industry has never addressed but this product corrects that flaw in their design. Now as an older woman who experiences light bladder leakage I could wear this awesome design for my issues and not be jealous that all the younger women have access to this product.

I love your story and how this invention was born to you. You are a rock star!!!"

Ramona P.

"I tried both Essentia™ samples on thongs since that is what I usually wear. On one day I used it on a cotton v-string type thong and it fit perfectly fine. It was so comfortable; I basically forgot I was wearing it all day.  The second one that I wore was on a typical cotton thong and fit perfectly as well. Great product!"

Emily W.

"I only wear thongs if I absolutely have to - (i.e. white jeans, certain dresses). I find them uncomfortable and COULDN'T understand how some of my friends wear them 24/7. With Essentia™ Shield, I forgot I was even wearing a thong! It stayed in place and was so comfortable. With this product, I would definitely wear thongs more often to avoid unattractive panty lines. I am excited to see this product in stores!!"

Seema C.

"I am Practicing yoga and running three times a week and due to my age and active lifestyle, I’ve developed a few instances of UTI. My doctor recommended cotton underwear which is far from being stylish and definitely shows through your leggings. Since I started using Essentia™, my problems are gone, no more UTI and I look sexy with my exercise clothes. It is a great product and it saves me."

Roxana B.

"I generally only wear thongs when absolutely necessary (White tight jeans, clingy dresses, etc.) I was boggled by how some women wear only thongs as I felt they were uncomfortable after a few hours of wear. The Essentia™ Shield has changed all that for me! With this shield, I actually forget that I am even wearing a thong. Furthermore, I can wear any clothing with confidence that I am not revealing panty lines! Thank you for creating such a thoughtful and ingenious product for women."

Caroline R.


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